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The Female Man (SF Masterworks) - Joanna Russ Now is not the 16th or 17th century, but the 21st. Feminism has deep scientific, political, sociological, economical and psychological roots. It could very hardly have happened in the beginning of the medieval times or in the Renaissance period. In those feudal times people worked minimum 12 hours a day to earn a living. Books had not been cheap, but they became so, after Gutenberg’s discovery of type-printed books.

Only 19th, 20th, and now 21st century’s scientific discoveries brought a lot of aggregate and surplus social products. Science mechanized heavy labour which men alone usually were proud of doing before. Now machines and robots do it. The only thing that needed is an ape’s intellect to push a button. Yes, biologically and statistically men are physically stronger, but science neutralizes it (gradually).

In short, in very short that leaves alone only the psychological differences of sexes. For the reasons that I will not go into details now the army prefers mostly men and young boys over girls and women. I’m sure in the future this element too will be scientifically adjusted. To tell the truth I like the term gender equality, not feminism. Feminism, I heard, have some radical wings whereas “gender equality” sounds peaceful and smooth to me.