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American Gods

American Gods - Neil Gaiman Mr. Shadow got out of a prison. He met with a Mr. Wednesday. From there on, their business started. Wednesday was not a pure human. He was a god-like creature in a human body. Shadow worked for him as an errand boy. He protected him, did muddy work. He grieved very much when he found out that his wife whom he adored very much, died in a car accident. It was not until the time he learnt who Wednesday was that he discovered strange and mysterious things happening in the USA.

A great war is starting between two classes of creatures. Gods and “Digital” people. Neither side actually fights for a win. They want only one thing. To preserve a chaos and bloodshed or “bloodtub” as mentioned in the book as long as possible. Shadow works for Wednesday who himself fights for Gods. But Wednesday got killed. Shadow became alone for awhile.

From the way I understood Gods are old school. They travelled to the New World from the Old. They worship a belief, religions, attitude and bravery. They fight with old fashioned fossil guns like arrows, swords and cubs. On the contrary, “Digital” people are modern. They love science and as a result fire arm guns. But “Digital” people lack what gods have, magic.

In the end, Shadow being sick and tired of all this mess, brought peace to the both sides. His dead meat wife, whom he enlivened by means of a golden coin given to him by a god, helped him in that. She had killed the head of Digital people exactly before he were going to unleash a fierce and bloody slaughter. There are many religion and mystical stories in it which make the book more attractive.