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Orbitsville - Bob Shaw The only son of Elizabeth the richest lady and psychopath of the Two Worlds, Earth and Terranova accidentally killed himself. She accuses Captain Garamond in the accident. The persons whom she accused or even disliked in anything, are known, if putting it mildly, to be absent all their life-time. She liked a tit-for-tat way of response. So, afraid of his wife and his son, Captain Garamond takes ‘em with him in his starship Bleinstiff.

He and his family run from Earth. They were heading to unknown destination where his family could not be found by malicious Elizabeth. Garamond contacted with Elizabeth telling her that it was not his fault that her son killed himself and that it was pure accident. But Elizabeth didn’t want to hear anything of it. She maniacally wanted only one thing. To kill Garamond’s son as well.

While wandering deep in space in searching a suitable planet to hide from the reach of Elizabeth they found an artificial enormous sphere more than 300 million kilometers in diameter, it was hollow inside. They called it Orbitsville. Atmosphere and soil condition inside Orbitsville were benevolent for human living and settlement. They settled there.

It was not possible to keep secret this structure of that diameter from the rest of mankind. For comparison, the diameter of our sun is nearly 14 million km. Elizabeth came after Garamond and his family. But when seeing Orbitsville and what she can derive out of it, she seemed appeased and mortified towards Garamond, but only seemed. She still wanted to kill his family. She sought an apt moment.

When Garamond was exploring a frozen planet she cunningly captured his wife and son. Here her maniacal nature floated on the surface. You see, she didn’t want to kill them at once. Her son when he was killed in the accident was 9 years old. When she captured Garamond’s son was 6. So, she wanted to wait 3 years to kill his son and at exactly the same date when her son died. A complete psychopath, right? Of course she never succeeded in her morbid fascinations to kill his family. Garamond arrived just in time to save his family. Elizabeth was deposed, condemned and removed from all contact with society.

At least, at least a good hard Sci-Fi I wished! Only if you are SF lover you’ll enjoy reading a technological part of it. Like in this book, you’ll read many astronomical numbers. For example, the distance between Moon and Earth is 385000 km. I’m sure you’ll like it much more knowing that all postmen got that distance only by the time this book was written (according to the writer).