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To Say Nothing of the Dog

To Say Nothing of the Dog  - Connie Willis The First thing that pleased me very much and I’m sure will please you while reading is that events and dialogues are rendered with a good humor. The Second is the time travelling. Oh yes, I do love humor and time travel SF. And here, it’s 2 in 1 :D. Main personages, Verity Kindle and Henry Ned voyage through the time-space continuum. Imagine, they went to 1395, 1888, 2018, 1940 from their starting-point year 2057.

So that to correct the future, to save England and London from Hitler, Verity and Ned first thing travelled to the epoch of the queen Victoria. To 1888! You won’t believe it. A small cat name of Princes Arjumand or Juju is responsible for the course of the World War 2. The book says history loves a chaos theory where every single body or any event is connected in subtle ways with another. So here we are. A cat and England!

The writer depicts Victorian times dually. On the one hand, Queen Victoria loved morality. You cannot ever say in the presence of women that someone is pregnant. Women could walk any where they wish, but only with a chaperon present. On the other hand they were kept ignorant and illiterate, not to say of butlers and other servants. “Books give ideas” -A wife of a peer said.

There were, of course, other “campaigns” too. For example, when London in 1940 has been ruined with German Luftwaffe bombardment Ned tried to find an ordinary bishop’s stump. A sheer Luck that he returned alive. Also he accidentally got stuck in the year 1395 where he couldn’t understand a single word in Middle English. Four years from now, in 2018 they eavesdropped how their chief seduced his girl-friend who, very unfortunately, was grey- haired in 2057.

A good book indeed!