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Oath of Fealty

Oath of Fealty - Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle An arcology. What do we know about them? Could we live in one of them in the future without going outside just to walk? Are we able to live in a self sustainable building or structure where even weather is recycled and brought right to your household, not to mention food, water and other provisions?

Right you are if you say that Science and technology serve for our needs. Let’s commence our little analysis empirically. When A Primitive Commune back to the times of Human Herd nearly 60000 years ago (The Stone Age) invented their first tools made of stones and later made of bones to make a life a bit easier , that was a response to a need. The plough and the chariot were invented later in the Bronze Age. “Think of it as Evolution in action” the phrase you will read repeatedly many times in the book.

Scientific revolutions with the beginning of manufactory started in Great Britain of the late 18th and all the 19th century, which triggered the Britain colonialism, surely made toil and drudging not so sweating as it had before. (Karl Marx would object to that, and not without a good reason. Read The Capital vol 1 by him).

Now, we emerge in the 21st century.. The paces of science of any kind is so intense that it is going to settle us in the Mars till the middle of this century. I want and I do believe it will. But as any medicine has side effects (theoretically even water) today’s science has got that too. It is a vast laziness in masses. Why bother to go buy in a shop when you can order anything from Internet available to every phone? Yes, it saves up your time but does it continue long enough you will face one of the sedentary diseases.

This book clearly shows 2 opposite sides. Ones, who advocate creating a lot of arcologies where people could live comfortably in every sense of the word and the others who oppose to that. The latter call themselves Fromates. So what’s the deal? what side does your money (and taxes :D) go to? In order to answer that, you have to read the book. Me, I love in-between theories meaning you cannot and must not turn scientists off from thinking and inventing things that are really good and the same time I don’t want this to happen completely.
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