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Stand on Zanzibar

Stand on Zanzibar - John Brunner Strong story. Mostly political nuances are analyzed here. I liked a thing about how slavery still exists in the world of the future. A slave had chains, but today a modern person in no way can consider himself free. Instead of chains there’re other people. Rivals, competitors, who press you, who want the same thing you want, a decent job. Al your life and your power are directed towards finding a place under the Sun. Well, Homo homini lupus est -said a Roman thinker.

Also the book stresses some psychological sides of humans. It reminds us that under every face, however beautiful and cute it can be, there is a skull, an ugly thing, a Devil who is egomaniac, thinks only of himself when endangered. How one can feel him? It’s very easy, just don’t eat and drink six hours. Your every cell in your body will face his power over yourself.

A good book!