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Have Space Suit Will Travel

Have Space Suit   Will Travel - Robert A. Heinlein Russell Kip wants to travel to Moon. He plays a lottery but loses. As a consolation he’s been given a space suit. He christened it Oscar. He modified it and added some gadgets. He became addicted with the suit. But, unfortunately first things first. He needs education and money for that. He goes work at drug’s store.

One day while walking in his suit, a space ship landed and an ugly race that he aftermath called Wormface, kidnapped him. They also kidnapped a clever girl of his age, Pewee. The Wormfaces brought them to Moon. The alien race dreams to exterminate humans.

Kip and Pewee tried to run from them on Moon but sadly, they were caught. A small creature, Mother Thing helps them. She planted bombs in the Lunar base of Wormfaces. Bombs went off and killed many of the invaders.

Mother Thing activated a beacon, which brought her people from the very distant planet Vega. Veganians treated them with courtesy. They had all comfort they were used to on Terra (Earth). Mother thing explained them many hitherto unbelievable scientific knowledge. They learnt that it’s fully possible to curve time as well as space. All this is good news …

The bad news is that they are going to be tried in a court of the Three Galaxies. First the race of Wormfaces had to be listened. They were defending themselves stating that compared with their superior race Man is animal just like rabbit. Certainly, humans are not tried only because they kill rabbits. Nevertheless they were condemned and the sentence was to revolt their native planet. Which means death to its inhabitants.

The turn came for Kip and Pewee. The court of the Three Galaxies fears that humans progress rapidly and that they can be menace both for themselves and possibly in far future for other races living in distant stars if they are going to lead occupational policy in future. Kip and Pewee with help of Mother Thing proved that it’s wrong assumption.

They said, yes, we can be villainous and murderous, but it’s true in its own right only for the epoch concerned. Simply, our barbarian behavior comes not from our nature, but because we are still child in our understanding of life. We need time to grow up. Well, the court was fair gave us the time for it. Kip and Pewee returned to Earth to impress scientific community. Kip got his long wished free education.