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Non-Stop - Brian W. Aldiss The giant ship is sent to colonize a planet Procyon V. During the ship’s approach to the planet, something has happened. A new form disease, A Nine Days Ague derived from the planet killed a lot of people in the ship. The crew and inhabitants decided to turn back to the Earth. It took more than twenty generations.

In that time the remaining crew became separated into tribes. Every tribe has its own rules and canons. They live mostly by a hunting life. Many of ‘em even don’t know that they are in a ship. In One of the tribes a hunter Complain by name is eager to know the truth. He is fighting the Giants which he believes are not human, but cunning animals.

Complain with his friends and accomplices finds the Giants lair and their mysterious weapon that can melt any metal. In seeking the truth he learns that the Giants are real humans. They are in the ship not to kill the tribes but to help them.

A tribe member Gregg wants to ruin the ship by using the weapon, a laser. He destroyed many life-supporting systems. The situation slides to a dangerous curve. Complain appealed to the Giants, true humans, for help. They sent a small relieve-ship. Also he was informed that the tribe inhabitants are not humans. They life is shorter, much shorter, as a result of increased metabolism. It shocked them.