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Total Recall

Total Recall - Philip K. Dick, Piers Anthony tie-ins or novelizations are not my cup of tea but if the idea in a movie is decent i'll read the related book.

Quaid is a construction worker. He has a curvaceous, sex appeal wife Lori. Quaid is haulted by nightmares about the planet Mars. Every night, He sees strange appalling things and a woman. Lori shows jealousy extremely. He wants to find out more. He wants to go Mars. Besides, he never has been to Mars before. Lori for some reason is against it.

He chooses another way, while being in earth his memory may be changed as if he was in Mars. He goes to a specialized firm, dealing with such legal “mind tapping”. There during performing the procedure something goes wrong. It turned out that he WAS in Mars. That’s why actually why he kind of runs amuck. It rises more suspicion and questions about his past.

Someone wants to kill him because Quaid has got a secret in his mind the existence of which he doesn’t know. What’s more, add to it that the killer is no one else but his beloved voluptuous wife, Lori. So he is at complete lost. He can’t shake the feeling that he saw his wife with a knife trying to assassinate him.)))

All this is more than he can take. He wants to fly to Mars, immediately.
He takes the first shuttle to the red planet. In Mars, he finds a woman in his dreams, Milena and learns that a mean dictator Cohaagen rules the planet. He sells even the air to the people. There is a rebellion movement, Mars Liberation there. They are fighting against him and his agents. Cohaagen with his men is trying to kill Quaid and Milena.

Now, back to the secret Quaid possesses in his mind. The rebellion leader, a mutant by hypnosis opens it up. The truth was unbelievable. Aliens planted the huge pyramid like nuclear reactors in the depth of Mars. The purpose of these reactors is to terraform Mars by the cleavage of the chemical constituents of ice using the thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms. The secret is simple. Quaid knows how to commence the terraforming.

Of course, Cohaagen can’t tolerate this. Because the breathable free air in atmosphere, which the terraforming brings, will end his business and monopoly in Mars. He’ll be bankrupt. His chief agent Richter is furious to kill Quaid because Quaid nailed the bitch Lori who was Richter’s girl.
Many times, Quaid and Milena were nearly to death.

But in the end they succeeded to liberate Mars from the paw of Cohaagen. Now the inhabitants can breathe free of charge.