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Earth Abides - George R. Stewart Isherwood Williams or Ish comes to Hutsenville and sees that there’s no one in the town first he thinks all went to some new holiday party but very soon, he finds many people are dead. He finds a mass burials with the help of bulldozers initiated by authorities .First Ish became startled then rushes to a newspaper booth, gets a paper and learns that a third of Earth population is destroyed by a deadly virus. The countries collapsed.

He goes find his parents’ house, finds no one. He lives for a long time alone then he moves other states. He settles in California. He finds Emma. They loved each other and had kids. From now on the life on planet without man is described fully.

I got fascinated not only with how the author described the environment after man, I mean how the water and provision supplies would cease, how the constructions, buildings and cars come into no use over time, it’s pure scientific part which of course I love very much, BUT ALSO I liked the survivor’s attitude towards the above-said. First, the survivors, not many, become very lazy and not initiative seeing the plenitude of ready supplies they don’t even want to read books. Eventually after some generations, the supplies became scant. The people literally were forced to create tools of their own, for a hunting for example. They turned their way from scavenging life to a creative one. They organized their tribe. The tribe prospered.

One day a stranger came to the tribe and with him came the disease. Five kids died. Emma and ish were very depressed but they gradually overcame this. The years pass Ish gets very old. The new young generation rises. Here we can see the heartfelt devotion to the aged by the young. The latter treat Ish like a saint.