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Limbo - Bernard Wolfe First off, I want to say it is not THAT good as George Orwell's 1984 as the blurb says. that's for sure!

The book sets us in a post apocalyptic world. The WW 3 had happened. The nukes and H-bombs wiped out Paris, Johannesburg, London, Roma and other European cities. During and after the war Nuclear technology reached its culmination. Now it is even possible to give a man, mostly injured after-battle soldiers or amputees, entirely artificial extremities working with implanted nuclear power plants. After many millions are dead, the armistice has come.

Main hero Martine is brain surgeon. He runs from the war and lives 18 years peacefully in one the African islands. He doesn’t give a damn about the war. He practices surgery, namely lobotomy, on island inhabitants. The purpose of it is to eliminate aggression from patients. He achieves good results and now many people in island are talking like a Pope)) But Martine achieved another unfavourable thing. With the elimination of aggression, He also removed what constitutes as a part of a man. He removed pleasures and among them, the sexual ones are highlighted in the novel. Operated women and men don't know what’s orgasm.

At the same time, those amputees with nuclear limbs reached the African island. At first sight they show no hostility, but even friendliness toward the locals. He wants to know why exactly they are here and what are their intentions. He flies back to the continent. There he learns that a new wave of bloody war is about to start. It’s known that for the effective working of the nuclear limbs it needs a very rare metal, columbium. They found that metal in that African island. Former Russia now the Union is accusing the former USA now the Strip Islands in monopolization of columbium. And the new war range with nukes has begun. There left only one intact territory at the end, the African island. Martine manages to save his island...

The book is full of the role of machines, in our life, the good sides of them and bad ones are told about broadly. I omitted much philosophical questions raised in the book to avoid boring.