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The Demolished Man

The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester Ben Reich has two personalities. One wants to kill and destroy, the other not. The people too divided into 2 groups, the normals and the peepers or the telepaths. The peepers read people’s minds they can foresee future. Therefore, it’s not possible for a premeditated crime to occur.

But Ben Reich did kill D’Courtney the owner of the D’Coutney Cartel with an accomplice of another peeper. D’Courtney was a rival against Reich in the financial world. Reich wants to get away with it. Mr Powell a peeper investigates the crime. He knows Reich is guilty but it’s extremely difficult to bring the matter into court.

Powell uses another approach, a psychological one. He peeps Reich and creates a hell in his mind. Reich succumbed and confessed everything. It became known that Reich killed D’Courtney not because he was a rival to Reich , no, but because D’Courtney was his father who abandoned him long time ago. When Reich killed him, he truly believed D’Courtney is a rival who ostensibly refused to merge to save Reich’s business, by this way pressing Reich to the wall. It was Reich’s first dangerous personality who committed the crime, unconsciously to revenge to his father.