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Alien - Alan Dean Foster A wonderful Sci-Fi-thriller book! I enjoyed every bit of it! A cosmic tug the Nostromo is sent to analyze a distress SOS signal from the unknown planet. Seven crew members including a warrant officer Ripley landed on that planet to investigate the signal. They found the alien space ship.

They went inside it and found egg shaped barrels. Kane bent on one of them. The small creature jumped from the barrel right to the Kane’s suit helmet and glued himself to the Kane’s face. They brought him to the Nostromo. After some time the thing unlatched itself from his face. First they thought all is past. But no way, Nightmare not only for Kane but also for all the crew has just started! The hidden creature, growing inside Kane, run outside, emboweling him. They also learnt that it was not a SOS signal but a warning one to keep away from the alien ship they were just exploring …

The creature rapidly grew to the man’s size. It’s now very powerful and cunning and learns fast. Ash who was a robot sent by the Company to spy on the crew and to protect the alien, tries to kill Ripley but Parker and Lambert helped her and killed Ash. One by one the alien brutally kills all the crew members Dallas, Lambert, Bert, Parker except Ripley.

It became apparent there’s only one way to survive. To blow the Nostromo with the alien and run inside a shuttle. Ripley runs to the dock where the shuttle is in and they are launched from the Nastromo. It blasted to pieces! But the alien was already in the shuttle. Ripley opens the outer hatch and throws the alien to the open space.