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Firstborn - Stephen Baxter, Arthur C. Clarke The alien race, the Firstborn, created a bomb which is now approaching Earth. Once on contact it will destroy our planet utterly. Humans attacked that bomb by various sophisticated weapons like antimatter torpedoes, let alone of course “classic” fusion bombs but all no veil. As became apparent the sole purpose of the alien’s bomb, Q-bomb was to eliminate all regulated energy consumption. As we use energy in regularly basis, we fall in that category.

As it turned out the Firstborn had attacked other universes before, namely they attacked the Mira planet existing in completely another universe. The Mire people then found a way to fend themselves. They used some artifact of the Firstborn’s, the Eye, against them. The Mira people left that artifact in Mars

So we fly to Mars …. Humans by help of their Martians colleagues somehow activated the artifact. And it worked! The Firstborn’s bomb changed its course. But the bomb now put its way to Mars itself! Many of Martians were evacuated. Some decided to stay because their relatives lived and died there. We lost Mars we sacrificed it but we saved Earth.