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2061: Odyssey Three

2061: Odyssey Three - Arthur C. Clarke The spacecraft the Universe went to the comet the Halley. The astronauts discovered there life. The ship Galaxy is crashed onto the Europe, the prohibited satellite of the Jupiter, now Lucifer after transforming to the new star which was named Lucifer. The authorities on Earth ordered the Universe to be sent to rescue the crew of Galaxy.

First off, The Universe captain wanted to fly to the Moon to get fuel. But the crew suggested a brilliant idea to him. The idea originated from the notorious Chinese ship Tsien, remnants of which they’ll soon observe and even put wreath to the merits of crew members. The Universe got his fuel from the comet Halley itself by directing the thrusts of the comet to the ship’s fuel tankers. So by not travelling to the Moon for refueling they got a lot of priceless time to reach the Europe and to save the Galaxy’s crew from starving for their provisions wouldn’t suffice for long stay.

On successful reaching to the Europe and saving the Galaxy, the scientists have found that the Mount Zeus there is composed of the pure bulk of diamond weighing of millions of tons. The life is intellectual, but primitive one.