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2010: Odyssey Two

2010: Odyssey Two - Arthur C. Clarke A rescue spaceship, Leonov with the USA, Russian and Indian cosmonauts is launched toward the Jovian satellite IO where they would save the abandoned ship the Discovery from the collision with the IO.

The Chinese ship, Tsien wants to be the first. They planned a trick, they first went to the Europe another of the Jovian’s satellite where there is a plenty of water. They wanted to use that water as a propellant in their nuclear engines. By this way they wanted to get refueled in space so as to reach the IO first. But they (and if it comes to that, all Earth) would never have guessed that there’s literally a life in Europe. A big unknown organism jumped from the sea, from which the Chinese pumped a lot of water into their tankers, destroyed Tsien and her crew.

Leonov established contact with the Discovery and knew all that happened to the ship. As it turned out the last member of the crew Bowman became an alien (see Odyssey 2001) or something like that. After some time the Jupiter transformed itself by means of millions of monoliths into a new star, Sol 2.
Generally speaking it didn’t make such an interesting reading (the dramatization is a little poor) as in 2001 but techniques, scientific facts, math. calculations and other hi-tech stuff are not bad and engaging. So 3 of 5, tops.