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A Fall of Moondust

A Fall of Moondust - Arthur C. Clarke The tourist moon cruiser Selene goes for a trip on the surface of Moon. Suddenly it loses control and drowns into the Sea of Thirst as the result of moonquake. The ship became trapped in the sea of entire dust. There is no water on Moon but only thick dust which formed that sea.

All the passengers are in panic but not for long for they found something to amuse themselves. They have enough Oxygen to keep them alive for several days in which they do hope the rescue would arrive. Sans card games and imaginations they used, the boredom and despair would prevail. That was just the last thing the Captain Pat Harris wanted among passengers and crew in the moment of crisis. So they cut notepad papers in form of real cards they numbered them and gave them names (I suppose they played Bridge like the true Englishmen))). Well, the rescue has finally come and freed them.

The characters are described dramatically. Even when they underwent the lack of oxygen they remained calm and helped each other.