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Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #1)

Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #1) - Dorothy L. Sayers The cleanly shaven and with a spine broken body of a person unknown is found in the bathtub of mr Thripp. The latter swears in the inquest that he has no hand at this deed for he was in one of the Night Clubs of London with a long-absent friend.

At the same time, the financier, Mr Reuben Levy is missing. Lord Wimsey is an amateur detective, a sleuth who jumps to investigate the crime. He analyzes the crux and is trying to find the weak points of the murderer’s action and finds them aptly. The body in the bath wasn't that of Mr Reuben Levy but it was the body of a vagrant. The killer did it to deceive the police. If it hadn’t been to Lord Wimsey he could have done that.

The murderer turned out to be a very clever surgeon Julian Freke who from the old personal jealousy to Reuben’s wife killed him by the blow to his neck. He wanted to commit a suicide but the police got him in time.

A very good and mind stimulating novel indeed written in the "The Mystery of the Yellow Room" style by Gaston Leroux. I’m looking forward to read more of Dorothy Sayers’s.