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Black Sunday

Black Sunday - Thomas Harris Before the Hannibal Lecter’s books Thomas Harris wrote “the Black Sunday” in the 70’s. The book describes the terroristic group which is willing to strike the USA. They are planning to kill the president of the USA and 80.000 men along with him in the stadium by the blimp filled with the high explosive, plastid.

The terrorists, Dahlia and Najer recruit the American, Landen who suffered a lot in Vietnam War. He shows his willing to blast the blimp. Dahlia is expert in making people expendable, she’s psychologist. She feels that Larden is not bluffing. She suggests his candidature to the terrorists as a reliable person.

Mayor, Kabakov is sent from Israel to help Americans in catching ‘em. He’s skilled anti-terrorist agent of Massad. He killed Najer but hesitated to kill Dahlia as well, in hotel with Najer in Beirut. He thought she was his slut. Afterwards, he regretted very much for not killing her.
Dahlia killed lots of people who would have intervened with their plan of mass slaying. Kabakov doesn’t know in what way they want to strike.

But in the end when seeing approaching blimp in the air to the stadium he thought quick ad decided to use a chopper to intercept the blimp. He with the FBI agent kills Dahlia and turns the blimp to the riverside near the stadium. Laden could detonate the charge but in that time the blimp was not on the stadium so the casualties were only 512. Unfortunately, Mayor Kabakov was dead. But he saved thousands of people.