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Angels & Demons - Dan Brown The newly invented antimatter containing a lot of energy enough to level the Vatican is stolen from the CERN, the world’s largest research center. Robert Langdon is called there for advice. The chief of the CERN, Maximilian Kohler suspects the long forgotten secret anti-religious organization, the archenemy of Christianity, called the “Illuminati”. His suspicion at first seemed proved right for the Illuminati declares that They will blast the Vatican out.

Robert Langdon with one of the CERN scientist flies to the Vatican immediately as he is a professor of the religion history and symbologist. He may assist in some way. There in the Vatican something mischievous happens. The four catholic cardinals are kidnapped and they’ll be killed. All thinks it’s the Illuminati’s deed.

In the end as it turned out the Vatican’s comerlegno organized all this. It’s he who by the hands of a killer murdered brutally the four cardinals and stole the antimatter and it is he who killed the previous Pope. He did it for purpose as he believed, to disrupt “the faith to the Science” and strengthen the ground of religion and church by showing that the Science invents things that are always heartless, dreadful and ominous. And for this purpose this very comerlegno also makes a trick or ploy for everyone to believe that it is the Illuminati that wants to destroy the Vatican entirely.

Of course, The camerlegno doesn’t want the Vatican to be destroyed (on what ground the people would pray to the God?) so he saves the Vatican by carrying the antimatter to the high above in the air by chopper to be detonated there. He saves the Vatican he saves thousands of people, the Catholics mostly. He is in their eyes a hero, a chosen by God himself. All the Cardinals in the Sistin Chapel wants him to be elected as a new Pope. But they never have achieved this …

Because Langdon knew the truth in the end about the camerlegno and what he did. He shows the true story to all the cardinals in the Sistin Chapel. The camerlegno declares that he did it only in the name of God, the church and the Christianity. He wanted to save the faith in God from the Science. But after knowing the astonishing truth that he himself was born by the Science, namely with the artificial insemination and that the Pope he killed who was liberal to the Science was his father he commits a suicide.

My impression upon the book is generally good. The plot and the religion history are described wonderfully it’s good for history students too. But why you, Mr. Dan Brown, described the killer hired by the camerlegno to kill the four catholic cardinals as an Arabian speaking person? It might ignite in some politically week minds of the USA readers some sort of anti-Arabian moods. The fiction and the hidden political hint in it are not good mixture, mr Dan Brown. The purpose of fiction should be not only the entertainment but also enlightenment. There is no third room …