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Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Rising - Thomas Harris The book tells the history of the famous Hannibal Lecter. H. Lecter was born in Lithuania. He got a very good education at home. He learnt several languages. His teacher was Jukav who taught him many things.

In the end of WW II his family is killed by some Nazi scavengers in the head with Grutas. They killed his sister, Mischa whom he loved most of all. He was the only one alive of his family. The Soviet officers brought him to the dorm. Here he was treated-ill.

After the war his uncle finds Lecter and takes him to the France. He became very friendly with the uncle’s wife, Lady Murasaki who teaches him Japanese. He has grown up. He is a medical student, now.

Meanwhile in his dreams he sees how Nazis, especially Grutas and his band are killing his sister. He’s full of revenge. He’s preparing the plans how to revenge those Nazis who brutally murdered his sister.

Grutas learns that Hannibal Lecter is alive and sends a hit man to kill him. But the attempt failed, instead Lectern kills the murderer first. He also kills the other fascists from the Grutas’s group by the way they deserve. The turn came for Grutas. He kept Lady Murasaki whom lecter loves very much as hostage in his boathouse. Lecter finds where Grutas is and goes there. He kills Grutas and his band and releases lady Murasaki.

The Stalin’s after-war repressions of the Eastern Europe population to the Siberia from the fear of rearming of Germany, the negative sides of communist civil society, the hint of traitorous behavior of the French police during the occupation by Germany are among the illuminating true historical moments which deserve to mention.

I’m giving this book 5 stars both for the plot and the history. The Wikipedia says there can be a new book in the Hannibal Lecter series after Thomas Harris. If that’s the case no doubt I’ll read it.