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Hannibal - Thomas Harris The career of Starling is at stake. The media and some FBI authorities accuse her for deliberate killing Avelda, a woman culprit who used her baby as a shield in a raid. Starling pled saying that Avelda had hidden the gun MAC 10 behind the baby and had killed Birmingham, her partner in the FBI’s Academy.

Krendler at the FBI has a grudge against her. He wants to ruin her life. He became allied with the Mason, who hates Hannibal Lecter (HL) for his own reasons. Years ago Lecter disfigured his face by giving it to the pigs to eat. Mason himself is sort of madman and sadist. He’s very rich. He killed many innocent people by the same way, giving them to the pigs as a desert. He offends the underprivileged kids, pours a poison to their beverages. He hires professional kidnappers to catch HL in the Florence.

In Italy HL becomes Dr Fell. He teaches a kind of religion history. Even their professors were touched by his deep knowledge of the Florence’s history. Here, the inspector (HL calls him commendatore in italian) named Pazzi finds that Dr. Fell is HL. He contacts with Mason. He wants a huge bounty from him for capturing HL. But HL found it out and killed him by the most brutal way. After it HL returns to the USA where he wants to kill Mason.

Mason buys many authorities from the police and FBI. They chased HL, caught and brought him to the Mason’s farm. He wants revenge for his face and body. He orders a lot of hungry pigs. In his farm he’s planning to give HL to the pigs to embowel him. Starling knew what Mason wanted to do with HL and goes there. But Lecter freed himself. After killing some of the Lecter’s kidnappers He and Starling run from the farm.

The sister of Mason, Margot, a bodybuilder (wooow!) is sick and tired of him. She kills him. After the failure of Lecter’s assassination above mentioned Krendler feels safe because there left no provable evidences against him. But it didn’t last long as HL cut his skull with an autopsy saw and gave himself the slices of his brain tissue to eat.