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The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris The young Clarice Starling is engaged for hunting against Jame Gumb who flays his victims, women. He makes vests with tits out of their skin. He kills the women only for their young and “elastic” skins. He uses a sewing machine to sew garments from the victims’ skin. After it he wears them just to look as a woman.

Jack Crawford sends Clarice to meet with Hannibal Lecter in the asylum for criminally insane. Hannibal himself is described, aside from being a cannibal, as an educated psychiatrist and receptive person in his own way, of course. He is accurate, he likes his books. But he attacked a nurse and ate her tongue. Hannibal and Clarice find a common language, Quid pro quo or She tells Hannibal something of her difficult life and her late father. In reply he gives her the information regarding the murderer. By this method, she step by step finds a way through the killer.

Here we find a character. A fool and jerk Dr Frederick Chilton who interferes with the investigation. Clarice wants to raise a question against Chilton because of obstruction of justice made by him.

Meanwhile Jame Gumb kidnaps a daughter of Senator. All the police departments are on alert. As usual he wants to skin her. She’s plum. He likes this because their skin is easier to handle. But luckily for her He couldn’t kill her. Instead Starling finds the murderer’s house and kills him.