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Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Thomas Harris The thriller was wonderful. Dolarhyde is maniac, madman. He kills several families. All the feds with the Graham and Crawford as Chiefs are hunting to catch him. Knowing his “behavior” they’d prefer him dead. He corresponds with the famous Hannibal Lecter . In letter he introduces himself to Hannibal as his Avid Fan.

Graham decided to consult with Hannibal (just like Clarice Starling in the Movie “The Silence of the Lambs”) on how to capture Dolarhyde also called “The tooth fairy” but Hannibal wasn’t a helpful use.

Coming to the Dolarhyde’s childhood the writer describes it as a badly distinctive. He was born with a very ugly face. He has cleft palate or known as harelip. Surgeons tried to improve it when he was born in the 30’s but vainly. He psychologically suffers a complex of his face. Anybody even his own mother calls him disgusting. His surroundings even call him “cunt face”. His mother did leave him in his boyhood. He rises with his grandmother. But even she was not of a decent lot. Once as a punitive measure she wants to cut his private with scissors. Of course, all this and other unspeakable feelings affected his vulnerable young brain. And he became a serial family killer.

He’s haunted by the feeling that he’s controlled by a Dragon who wants to help him. He kills families with the most brutal means. He cuts their throats, shot their kids’ heads. He wanted to burn one blind woman he had a sex with but thought better of it. He makes up his suicide by shooting the dead body in face and makes the blind woman hear it. She thinks he’s shot himself and tells it to the feds.

In the end what he does want is the Graham’s family. But Graham’s wife was quicker and shoots in face disfiguring him even more.