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334 - Thomas M. Disch The book composed of several short stories each having something to do with the address in Manhattan, 334 East 11th Street. What is our future? Are the owners of it technocrats? Can our biological needs and sexual desires tally with the advance of science, especially medical? To these and many other questions this book tries to answer.

Birdie is a student, an apt one. He passes many exams successfully. He meets with his future love, Millie. Suddenly, The Regent System called MODICUM tells him that he is not allowed to have children because Birdie’s father had diabetes which is hereditary ailment. He seeks many ways to circumvent the law but in vain. Eugenics in the 21th century has deep roots. At last a government agent informant him that if you wish to have a family of your own you will have to protect the interests of Democracy in Burma. So he got recruited.

Here is another peculiar story happened in the 2020’s. A newly married couple has family and sexual problems. But the guy didn’t do anything bad. He is charming, good at bed and all that. He loves his girl. So why is the problem? The girl wants the feeling of children. What’s more, the girl wants her husband to feel maternity instinct too. The poor guy had no choice but to be under operation so that to have women’s breasts too. After a while he breast-fed his kid, even.

The problems for the sexual minorities to adapt the future are also touched in the book. They want freedom of choice, equal rights. From the way the writer described I gathered the solution is in the bisexualism. The entire book is the reaction of human desires against cold mathematics, total control, eugenics etc. However there are some moments in which the writer says reading is good. So is learning. So is science