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A Mirror for Observers

A Mirror for Observers - Edgar Pangborn The Martians is watching our planet closely, for a long time. There are two kinds of them. The Observers, who love humans and are trying to help in a time of ordeal, and the Abdicators, who hate and detest us with every fiber of their beings.

One of the observers, name of Elmir is sent to earth to find a brilliant boy, Angelo. Elmir wants to seek in Angelo’s behavior all the good, kindliness and love humans can have. At the same time one of the abdicators, Namir flied to Earth to kill Angelo.

All Angelo's difficult life has been shown in details. There is a philosophical struggle between Elmir and Namir. Namir sees only the corrupted side of humans and nothing else. While Elmir has got a prove that we’re not that bad. That in some circumstances we are able to live mutually helping each other and without wars.