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Немецкий язык. Краткий курс грамматики PONS

Немецкий язык. Краткий курс грамматики PONS - Хайке Фойт Great for German learners, with Russian as the main language! Especially, I liked the detailed analyse of the declination in Passive. They divide the Passive into the "Vorgang- and Zustandpassive". I couldn't find this in some of the modern Russian editions (except in the old Soviet books, but they are difficult to obtain in itself lol). You see, the Russian teachers omit the "Zustandpassive" totally, because of its rarity in use. I know that! But neverhteless, This is not right! One must give all the aspects of grammar to the readers, with the note this or that is used rarely. One must not cut the lesson only because one uses it not very offen. I don't get it.