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Rogue Moon (S.F. Masterworks)

Rogue Moon (S.F. Masterworks) - Algis Budrys Explorers found a strange formation on Moon. It kills volunteers in very sophisticated ways. Actually, It loves to kill them. All attempts to investigate the thing failed.

Doctor Pawks thought out a new idea. What will happen if he finds a volunteer who himself loves death so much as the formation on Moon loves to kill? He found Barker. He transmitted him to Moon. And it worked. At least, for the first time partially. He lived several minutes.

The process of transmission or materialization is rather abstruse. But I’ll give a try. First off, a person undergoes scanning in which every atom and molecule of his body turned into signal, which is parallelly being taped. The information thus obtained is going to Moon with the speed of light. There on moon from the signal the receiver generates a body. No need to use a rocket.

From the taped data on Earth they create another body, the exact copy of one sent to Moon. So, in case of Barker we have 2 of him, one on Moon who lived not much time, the other on Earth who may continue his usual life. Of course, it also means that earthbound Barker can be sent to moon again, and by this way repeating the procedure.

Each time Barker goes to Moon he lives a bit longer. It looks like the formation sort of accepts him. In the end Pawks decides to go to Moon with Barker. This time they were not killed, they lived.

The book is full of philosophy and psychology of human behavior. In particular, like a born politician Pawks can determine preciously well, why a certain person in certain situation is talking this and not that. He sees people inside out. That’s the reason he had chosen Barker. Wonderful book!